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THE OVERLAP is a place where ideals and interests meet in the middle - a bunch of individual pieces coming together to make a bigger, more beautiful whole.

The premise of The Overlap is to provide a platform to share the different forms of art (we're boutta be real liberal about what "art" is) we appreciate - it's a literal overlap of all our different interests and the cultures they're drawn from. At the jump, music's gonna be our main focus, but as we grow, so will our topic range. The community's meant to share interests and highlight some of the incredible talent on the planet. If there's someone or something that deserves the spotlight, let us know. Better yet, write a piece yourself if you're feeling up to it. Without y'all, we're nothing more than a blog. We go where y'all take us and above all else, we want to know who you are as much as you want to know who we are.

The Overlap is for anyone and everyone willing to join in on a conversation… we want to bring people together to be introduced to new types of art, so again, share your perspective. We can’t lie, there will be an added emphasis on stuff that falls in-between the cracks and misses the mainstream. We understand and appreciate multiple worlds, but belong entirely to none. We refuse to be bound to the labels society wants to place on us, and our interests reflect that. We're gonna try to blur the lines between borders, generations, and the mainstream cause to us, there are none. Let's change the narrative and get rid of labels. Only ones that should matter are "that's dope" or "shit's ass."

The only material we're gonna cover, is the stuff we truly enjoy and appreciate ourselves. Our lives are too short for us to focus on stuff we don't actually care about. The content is more important than the clicks, so when you engage with The Overlap, you’ll know what you get comes from people who have a legit interest in the topics. If we cover a musician, it’ll be someone we listen to in our free time. If we talk about an artist, it'll be someone whose work speaks to us on some level. Or, the work is just dope, all we want is to Spread Dope Shit.


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