A Late Night Joyride

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

I WRITE THIS KNOWING FULL WELL there’s a chance the Australian artist known as Joyride may never make music again. But while on the journey of finding exciting, dope shit, sharing the entertainer’s work is mandatory.

The Sydney DJ/singer/rapper extraordinaire has been around the block, releasing tracks since at least the early 2010s, despite only starting to take this music-thing semi-seriously over the last 5 years. The artist’s work spans full-blown electronic music to underground hip-hop that could easily come from Nujabes’ catalog. For nearly all music fans, Joyride is an artist that will have something for everyone to appreciate. Upbeat or chill; ready to party or ready to veg out; Aunty Tracey’s Cookies or Underwater. Both sides of the spectrum are hit throughout Joyride’s work.

I’ve talked about it before with other artists, but Joyride really is a feeling act. So much of his work focuses around certain feelings, with each song focused on a different emotion. Just take a look at his 2018 project Sunrise Chaser. Kings and Queens is all about the frustration that comes from living in opposition to the “self appointed top-tier” of society. 6am details the impulsive want of being alone while knowing you need a distraction in the weeks after a breakup. A House We’ll All Forget is the post-trip, getaway song we all need to reminisce after a fun ass weekend full of broken memories. Blue Batmans is straight euphoria and craving that it will never end. I could go on and on, but you get the picture - no song shies away from a new, unique feeling. Having a really diverse song selection - in sound, feeling, and message - really helps to double down that he has work for nearly everyone.

I do gotta address the question “why would you say Joyride may never make music again?” Truthfully, it’s cause I just really don’t know what the hell is going on in his mind. Dude hasn’t dropped anything since 2019 and none of his activity on social media suggests that is going to change. Who knows, maybe he’s just one of those guys who waits for a finished project before releasing anything new. Regardless, in this day and age of limited patience, he may not want to wait around too long. With his fan base limited as is, taking forever to release new music could only be the kiss of death, slipping out of his fans’ peripherals. For me, I’ll be hoping and waiting for new music. I know whatever he comes up with, if he does at all, will be easy to listen to but memorable for diving into a new emotion I didn’t know needed focus.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: 6am, Aunty Tracey’s Cookies, A House We’ll All Forget, Underwater

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