Lime Cordiale, the Band Sweeter Than the Drink

Credit: Press / Aedán O'Donnell

THEY’RE FROM SYDNEY, Australia, formed in the late 00s, play indie rock but have clear influences from other genres, and are grossly under appreciated by the American mainstream. Of course, I’m talking about Lime Cordiale, not Sticky Fingers. I know it’s a lazy comp, but in addition to having similar roots, the bands even kinda sound the same at times. I mean the first time I heard Lime Cordiale, I straight up thought it was a Sticky Fingers song. Like come on, you’re telling me We Just Get By was originally written for Lime Cordiale and not Sticky fingers? I don’t buy it.

If you asked me to describe the brotherly group of Oli and Louis Leimbach, I’d say they’re a summer afternoon, driving with the windows down after a day at the beach. A little bit of cool, sprinkle in some aloofness, and pour up a hefty helping of carefree fun. The duo aren’t afraid to own their beach bum look and sound, and it results in an uplifting final product. Even when attacking some of their more serious topics, there’s still a joyful flair to the listening experience.

For those looking for a diverse, but indie rock inspired adventure, go with their first album, Permanent Vacation. The funkyish Temper Temper is the clear standout to me, but that shouldn’t diminish the rest of the album. Self reflection finds its way onto the album, especially on What Is Growing Up? (kinda obvious from the title) a song that could be relevant for many people around my age. You know, recently (or about to) entered the workforce, who now feel like they gotta figure out their entire life plan in the middle of a pandemic. Sounds like a recipe for a whole lotta anxiety, stress and pressure, but the song is a nice reminder we can take a step back and continue to enjoy our youth. The next track, Is He Your Man, completely switches up the vibe, going with a 'starry' beat, making the whole song feel like a dream. This may be the most extreme example of switching up the sound on the album, but it kinda works, as do the other cases of it.

On the flip side, their second album, 14 Steps To a Better You, is a much more focused sound. For some songs, it works beautifully. Opening track, That’s Life, is a fun take on introspection and Inappropriate Behavior is a bubbly song, focusing on toxic and manipulative relationships. But for others, it just doesn’t. While Addicted to Sunshine definitely lives its name, it just goes too far for me, feeling kinda corny in the process. Honestly, it's too bad cause I really appreciate the concept of the song. Hoping to spread awareness of energy overconsumption, the band uses a slightly different sound on this track. Even though I’m all for artists exploring new styles, this one becomes too airy and just feels cheesy. I'm sure that’s the sound they’re going for, but I just can't get myself to like it it. With that said, much of the rest of the album remains strong, with that one being my personal low point.

Between the two albums, at least sound wise, Permanent Vacation feels like they’re taking more risks, whereas 14 Steps is a more concentrated approach. You can’t really go wrong with either, it basically just comes down to which you prefer: a diversified sound or a more complete, but less differentiated one. They may not be a great dead of winter band, well at least for those of us lucky enough to get a shitty snow-filled winter, but in the summer? Yea, good luck finding a better artist to vibe out to.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Temper Temper, What Is Growing Up?, Top of My List, Robbery, We Just Get By, Dirt Cheap

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