Marzz: The Inevitable Star

THERE IS AN UNDENIABLE MOMENTUM behind the genre of R&B and its rise within Pop-culture, and the music industry as a whole. The growth and popularity can be attributed to the likes of R&B stars such as The Weeknd, Chris Brown, HER, and countless others. Despite a star studded and seemingly bloated industry, the crown of R&B will soon belong to Louisville’s own, Marzz.

For anyone who bumps Lauryn Hill, Kehlani, Teyana Taylor, or just genuinely loves R&B.. PLEASE TAP IN. Marzz manages to blend the classic 90’s R&B sounds and flows, with the modern pop/R&B melodies, creating records that will make any listener stop in their tracks. Marzz exudes confidence in her delivery and sound, while challenging the vulnerabilities of romantic relationships and embracing individuality throughout her discography. Her use of catchy hooks and playful beats qualify for the makes of a modern hit. However, it is the blending of her smooth, yet bouncy sound and her lyrical prowess that will lead Marzz to stardom.

Stock Tip: buy in on the rise of Marzz, before it is too late. She might only have about 15k Instagram followers, but her talent is legitimate, and her fanbase is growing rapidly. At just 21 years old, she has already signed to Sony Music's, RCA Records. On top of inking a major record deal, she has also developed a relationship with industry legend, Timbaland. The two initially met through instagram, as Timbaland admired her work from afar. However the virtual relationship has developed into a professional collaboration. The two joined forces on Marzz’s highly anticipated next single, “Cleopatra,” which is dropping April 16th. Although Marzz has a limited number of released songs, each one is a pleasure to listen to. Her immense talent is beautifully showcased on each song, and leaves the listener yearning for Marzz’s next drop. Do yourself a favor and give her a listen. I promise you won’t regret it.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Feelin Me, Rain Freestyle, So Frequently

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