NANA: The Rookie and The Vet

Image by Kayla Reefer, and Fice

IN A TIME where melodic hip hop has taken the music industry by storm, Crenshaw rapper, Nana, is sure to pave his own way with his intricate bars and versatile sound. Dropping one of my favorite projects of 2020 in “Save Yourself,” Nana reflects on his conflicted past consisting of battles with temptation, gang-life, and misusing his influence -- all while exploring new depths of emotional vulnerability. From violence to self-realization, Nana pens a vivid picture of the troubled world that has molded the lens from which he writes. The 2020 project is truly a work of art and has landed recognition from notable music outlets such as DJ Booth and Power 106, in which he was highly regarded.

Although coming into the game later than most, the 30-ish year old upcoming-rapper, Nana, brings a honed craft and a pen that is riddled with promise. Shockingly, Nana has yet to ink a major record deal, despite his extensive skill-set. He has the unique versatility to have the listener scrunching their face from the tough bars and punchlines, to also sitting back and reflecting on one's own mishaps and wrongdoings, a feat difficult to achieve, yet masterfully exemplified in Save Yourself. Jumping from classic hip hop sounds, to soulful beats, Nana gracefully glides over anything thrown his direction. This is specifically seen on my favorite track of the project - LA Times. Nana’s beautiful range and lyrical tools can be heard on this song, where he taps in TDE’s very own, Reason. Nana channels his Nas inspiration on LA Times, and brings a classic sound to the modern rap era - similar to that of Griselda. Despite Save Yourself’s vast variety, the sound, production, and writing collectively create a cohesive work of art.

Save Yourself is an album that requires multiple listens as this project has tons to unpack is a musically rich album that allows the listener to explore the depths of Nana as a man. On top of the authenticity and palpable emotion conveyed, Nana drops seemingly endless bars and rhyme schemes that will often fly over the listeners head. With each listen, comes a greater appreciation for Nana’s craft. It’s impossible to deny, Nana will become a well known name within the rap community over the next few years. If you are looking for a true and complete music experience, look no further than Nana.

PERSONAL FAVORITES LA Times (feat. Reason), Come & Go, Kings Blvd 2, Save Yourself (feat. Blakk Soul), PCH, Question Everything, Heaven & Hennessy

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