Sweet Like Oranj Juice

NEW ARTISTS ARE ALWAYS MORE INTERESTING. While many labels may force big name artists to produce a certain sound over and over, the up-and-comers are the ones to mix it up with no consequence. If an artist wants to try out a new sound, they can just go and do it. With such small listening audiences, the music is all about, well... the music. How revolutionary. Over the past year plus, Seattle-area Oranj Goodman has lived the dream: releasing an assorted set of songs while beginning to cultivate a nice little following.

If I have to generalize Oranj Goodman's work to a specific lane, I'd put him in the singing-rap/R&B lane that a lot of artists have turned to recently. On essentially all 7 of his songs, Goodman finds himself floating over a diverse set of beats, spitting some silky bars in contrast to his smooth ass vocals. For most, this would typically result in one consistent sound, but in Goodman's case, he's way too unique and creative for that.

On a number of tracks, there's an overall spacey, drugged-out vibe, but strictly classifying him as such just that doesn't do him nearly enough justice. Looking for some acoustic-based lo-fi? Both FEEL Remix and Mineral are his best kept secrets. Hoping to find yourself as you trip out? The psychedelic Purple Glitter will have you flowing away. Wanna switch it up and sprinkle in some jazzy raps to your rotation? Godspeed (Feb. 31st) is the only song you'll ever need. How bout an alternative/indie take on R&B that you can't get enough of? Easy, just toss on Scream Out Loud and LSD.wav back to back. And if you just want some straight butter? Vienna 1971. That's it. That is Goodman's catalog. There's gotta be others impressed that every song tries something new, each exploring a different interest and inspiration the artist has. I know I am.

Oranj Goodman's range isn't the only aspect of the artist that may bring interest. His background is also compelling. As a queer musician born with Indigenous heritage, Goodman provides an underrepresented perspective to the music industry. With so few American Indians who have received mainstream recognition, the opportunity to uplift entire nations through his work is there for the taking. Between his bloodline and his sexuality, Goodman has the potential of being the voice of millions who don't have the platform to speak up for themselves. He may decide to go a different route, but based off the work he's put out so far, specifically Purple Glitter, something tells me that won't happen. I expect that the growth of the artist and man who is Oranj Goodman will keep us all on our toes, but that rollercoaster will be one you'll want to hop on. Cheers to the Juiceman, I'm hyped to see what comes next.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Vienna 1971, LSD.wav, Godspeed (Feb. 31st)

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