RIMON: The Dutch's Duchess

Updated: May 12, 2021

WHEN THINKING OF MUSIC INDUSTRIES IN EUROPE, I assume most Americans would instantly go to the UK. After that, countries like Spain and Ireland would likely come to mind next. One country that would probably get overlooked? The Netherlands. But, just because their market isn’t as well known yet, doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. Leading the Dutch movement is 24-year old singer, RIMON. If Joy Crookes is my favorite R&B find, RIMON isn’t far behind for a real close second.

Just like with Crookes, RIMON regularly elects for “performed” instruments when choosing and creating her beats. For her songs that lean heavily on this, it gives them a real aloof vibe. For nearly all her catalog, it feels like her songs were made exclusively for a Tiny Desk concert, much thanks to her instrumental choices. With that said though, that definitely doesn’t mean she’s afraid to throw in more modern sounds. I Shine, U Shine is the perfect example of this. Yea, the percussion set, piano, and bass may dominate the beat, but pay closer attention when listening… you’ll be able to hear all the other elements that go into it. Record scratches find their fingerprints all over the track, police sirens play the role of ad libs, and lasers discreetly move the song forward. The result: taking what could be a real simple track, and turning it into a unique, chilled-out song, perfect for a tiny ass audience.

RIMON’s beat choice might be one of the main reasons her music feels so personal, but the messages in her work sure as hell shouldn’t be dismissed. In many of her songs, RIMON is all about the empowerment, of self, of women, and of her community. Grace is the obvious one here. The lyrics aren’t complex, but instead paint a very clear message of overcoming fear. Instead of taking a deep dive into how she’s conquered her anxieties, she shows that literally just taking a shot of liquid courage is sometimes all you need. It’s personal and relatable, without ripping out your heart or putting you in your feels. In my opinion, having that balance is the best formula for self empowerment. This is the song that put her on the map, and it’s no surprise why after a listen.

I see a lot of similarities between RIMON and Joy Crookes, but an obvious trait that sets the former apart from the latter, is sensuality. In so many of her songs, regardless of the vibe she goes for, RIMON’s delivery radiates sensuality. There’s this flair to it, toeing the fine line of being seductive, but thoughtful. It always feels like her vocals and her beats are made for one another, any alternatives just wouldn't do them justice. Honestly, when I listen to RIMON, I feel like my speakers are playing the female version of 6lack. Any time I hear a new 6lack song or feature, it always seems like the song was made for him and only him. Artists will literally change what they do, on their own songs, to accommodate 6lack’s sound (Lil Tjay, Deante’ Hitchcock, and Guapdad 4000 have all done this, don’t @me). While her sound isn’t as defined as 6lack’s yet, I swear RIMON’s is cut from the same cloth. It’s consistent throughout her music and is secretly seductive, drawing you in, until you’ve accidentally listened to her entire catalog.

Right now, the Dutch music scene is 100% dominated by DJs. I mean, when the country produces artists like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, R3HAB, Armin van Buuren, and Afrojack, it’s no surprise who gets all the shine. It’s ok though, other genres are patiently waiting to take back their share of the spotlight. And when they do, you can bet RIMON will be leading the charge.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: wherewasu, focu$, Out My Way, Got My Back (ft. Denzel Curry), never learned how to cope, Downtown

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