The Favorite CHIIILD

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Carlo Torres - Stitched Sound

WHEN CANADIAN BAND CHIIILD released their debut EP Synthetic Soul last February, I said to anyone who'd listen it'd be the project of the year. I knew in my heart it wouldn’t actually get the attention deserved but for a debut, getting a mainstream run can’t be expected. And it didn’t get the recognition it should’ve, but it did get more than I honestly expected, thanks in part to leading song Pirouette finding its way into a Tik Tok trend (“what I would wear on a date with ____”). Some songs that get huge off Tik Tok are hot garbage - looking at you Adderall (I don’t care what anyone says or how many times JuJu dances to it, that song is fucking trash and you can’t change my mind). In this case though, not only is Pirouette a very, very good song, it’s part of an even better project.

With shades of Tame Impala scattered all throughout the EP, this project is the perfect one to just vibe the fuck out to. I know some stoners out there who would absolutely love to roll up a blunt and rock out to the chilled, but energetic, songs. The band sets themselves apart from Tame by being more “musical” and, in my opinion, more diverse of a sound. While Tame leans more towards a rock and electronic side of the spectrum, Chiiild goes the opposite direction, heading more in the way of R&B and soul while also drawing from jazz and hip-hop inspirations. The final product is a beautiful one, filled front to back with unique hits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s no doubt that the standout of the EP is Pirouette, and rightfully so too. If that song was put out by Tame Impala and not some no-name group, I guarantee you this song would’ve been huge this past year. It breaks the boundaries of many genres and doesn't fit anywhere except the category of “vibey.” It’s ominous and yet enchanting - much like the rest of the project. The whole thing is kinda out of left field but everything just seems to work exactly like it’s supposed to. They add in laser sounds on Sunday Morning but it somehow fits, a task much harder than it may sound. Just ask Kanye, he butchered the Issues/Hold On beat from Teanna Taylor’s K.T.S.E. by unnecessarily adding them… but that’s a rant for another time. Chiiild manages to pulls it off and like a well written plot, every piece has a purpose that adds to the overall story.

One of the more impressive aspects of the EP is the journey you take while listening to it. Not a single song has an intro that gives away what will follow. The listening experience continues to take unexpected twists, throwing new instruments in here and a beat switch there. And every single time a new element is added, it somehow works, never leaving you to question why the hell it was done. Officially only 9 songs in including features, the band is still a little baby but man I hope they stick together and put out a lot more music. They’re all super talented and I need more of what they got in my life ASAP like Rocky.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Pirouette, Darling, Sunday Morning

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