The Rise of dvr

ALTHOUGH ONLY 17 YEARS OLD, the Scottish, indie-pop, singer/producer is quickly becoming a can’t miss artist, as he already has earned nods from prominent industry leader, Kenny Beats. Bringing a genre bending sound, dvr beautifully blends R&B/Pop and indie rock influences, creating a sound second to none.

I initially discovered dvr shortly after the release of his debut EP, Tape_01, in the tail end of June 2021. Little did I know, I was listening to the foundation of a long and prosperous musical career. Despite dvr creating this project in his childhood bedroom, the quality and essence was utterly captivating. In all honesty, I was left heavily disappointed that there wasn’t an entire discography to explore. Luckily though, dvr quickly followed up with a hot single, ‘thru the city’ not even a month later.

Upon Tape_01’s release, dvr would quickly gain traction and lead dvr to earn thousands of new followers, but most importantly -- a relationship with veteran producer Kenny Beats. Thanks to Kenny Beats' avid fan base and music-sharing community on his discord server, dvr was able to post his Tape_01 EP and earn tremendous support. Due to the outpouring love for dvr’s work, the community pushed for it to be played on Kenny Beats’ live stream. And the rest was history, as Kenny Beats has since produced a song for dvr - “Missing You.”

Most recently, dvr released another EP “Call me Dillon;” however, this tape merely consisted of demo tracks. While the EP gives a glimpse and rough outline of dvr’s genius, it doesn’t do him justice in the same way Tape_01 did. As a dvr fan, I encourage anyone who is exploring his work to begin listening to his debut EP and singles, before diving into “Call me Dillion.” With that being said, dvr will soon become one of your go-to artists to add to your playlists.

I am a firm believer that if dvr can create such quality and inspiring music from an Ableton Free-Trial and his high-school provided instruments, there’s no telling what he is capable of. With the appropriate tools, guidance, and industry footing, there won’t be any bounds or limits for the success that dvr can achieve.

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Thru the City, Muscles, AM Sleep, 16, Friends

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